lash studio

Hello! I am the owner of Minks. I am a Certified Master Lash Artist, Certified Microblading Artist, and Expert Training Instructor. I specialize in lash extension and microblading education, volume lashing, brow microshading techniques, lash styling, and lash care. It is my goal to give my students an outstanding experience at Minks every time they visit us.  I believe customer service is more important than anything in the beauty industry, so I ensure all students consistently receive only the best service along with the best products. You're in good hands at Minks!

Thuy (Twee)
I am a Certified Lash Stylist with experience and a background in the beauty industry. My goal is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman with lash extensions. I specialize in lash extension care, brow artistry, and natural eyelash care.

Minks is a professional, relaxing, and welcoming training facility in Atlanta. All of our instructors are certified with an Esthetics or Master Cosmetologist background. Each of them have experience and their own specialties. Book with the best at Minks!




I am a Certified Lash Technician and Instructor. I specialize in semi-permanent mink eyelash extension artistry and volume lashes. It is my goal to offer a full range of eyebrow and eyelash extension knowledge to my students with the highest standard of quality service.